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USB Photodiode Interface

A highly sensitive transimpedance amplifier with a built-in USB interface for data logging. The interface is capable of 16-bit resolution with a sample rate of up to 860 Hz. When combined with a sensitive photodiode, the interface is able to make precise measurements at extremely low light levels.

Photodiode interface top view


The interface includes expansion headers that allow the control and monitoring of other equipment to be synchronised with photodiode readings.

App showing a graph of light intensity

Modern Cross-Platform Software

The monitoring application is built using the Electron framework and communicates using a virtual serial port. Virtual serial ports are widely supported across operating systems and programming languages, making it simple to integrate into existing applications.

The photodiode interface can also operate in a standalone mode, saving data to its internal memory. A display can be connected to the expansion headers to control the device in this mode.

Photodiode interface with two cables connected