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Control up to 16 channels of addressable LEDs over USB with a Raspberry Pi Pico. Over 1,000 LEDs can be connected to each channel for an installation size of over 20,000 RGB LEDs.

Exploded view of PicoLED hardware

Highly Compatible

PicoLED supports most models of addressable LED and makes no assumptions about what type of LED is connected. Both RGB and RGBW LEDs can be used without any firmware changes. PicoLED is compatible with most RP2040-based boards, however, as the RP2040's IO operates at 3.3 V, a level shifter is recommended for reliable operation.

Free and Open-Source

The PicoLED firmware is open-source and available on GitHub. Any platform or language that supports communicating with a USB virtual serial port can interface with the PicoLED firmware.