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LED Dimmer

A flexible PWM dimmer capable of operating between 8-28 V at up to 10 A. The dimmer is ideal for both 12-volt and 24-volt LED tape. Configurable overcurrent protection helps prevent damage from output short circuits.

LED dimmer front view

Easy to Use

Power, brightness and current limit are configured with a rotary encoder. A LED display shows the parameter currently being modified.

LED dimmer circuit board leaning against another circuit board surrounded by screws
LED dimmer exploded view

Flexible Design

The controller and user interface use separate PCBs, which allows user interface updates without changes to the controller. Creating a new interface PCB allows the dimmer to be installed in almost any enclosure.

While the dimmer is designed primarily for LED tape, it can drive inductive loads if fitted with a flyback diode.

The firmware and schematic are open-source and available on GitHub.